Final Design: Biosphere Left



6 responses to “Final Design: Biosphere Left”

  1. gannonned says :

    I still have a hard time with the leaf boy, but I think the other elements of this work great. The cyclist, butterfly and hiker work great, as well as many of the textures and the lighting situation. Is hanking the leaf boy out of the question? Is that too drastic a measure?

  2. Sooyun Im says :

    i am not sure about the two leaves in the air..They seem a little bit to big. in fact, the four shapes in the air (leaves, leaf boy, butterfly) seem to uniform in size and too evenly spaced. The one on the right (poplar leaf) has good texture, but competes with the background and the green leaf on the left is too flat. The leaves should probably be smaller and give them a more wind-blown look? and try to use more varied size and spacing….

    • gannonned says :

      I agree with this, though yanking the leaf boy out would help with the balance. The leaves in the air might not make sense without him. Personally, I wouldn’t touch the butterfly. I would maybe adjust the leaves.

  3. JK says :

    Another idea…How about bringing leaf boy, closer to the ground, making him a bit smaller and giving him a ground shadow. I think his pale skin and white teeth make him stand out from the other subjects and could use more shading. The shading on the side of his face does help him blend in more with the other subjects and adds more consistency with the rest of the image….but more.

    Also, I like the idea of blowing leaves a lot because it is an attempt to show the presence of the wind. I vote for making them either smaller or w/ more of a wind-blown look/more animated if possible.

  4. Mike Branco says :

    This one looks amazing guys!!!! Keep up the great work, we are getting so much positive feedback.

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