Fish for the Hydrosphere



Muskie, Bass, & Minnow



6 responses to “Fish for the Hydrosphere”

  1. gannonned says :

    Nice, Jenny. great textures. Can we get one from a frontal, rear or three-quarters angle?

    • UWEC Hybrid Bus Design Project says :

      Should I add black outlines to the fish so they resemble Luke’s characters more? -Jenny

      • JK says :

        I don’t think the fish need to have the black outline. The difference between Luke’s cartoony characters vs the other applications….(like the difference between the applications to the lumberjack vs the clean edges of the grass) works well if Luke applies the necessary shading that gives them as much dimension as the landscape around them.

  2. Sooyun Im says :

    These are very nice. just add a little bit of shade variations to add dimension, right now they appear to be cut out of textured paper

  3. JK says :

    Bluegill, Crappie and Northern Pike are some locals that you should consider too.(fisherman catch these thorugh ice in the winter) ….and my favorite, the ancient sturgeon, dating to the late Jurassic period 150 million years ago

  4. gannonned says :

    Isn’t that top one supposed to be a strugeon? Or is it a pike? Anyway, I agree with Sooyun, the shading would be enough. I still want to see one turn in space.

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