Biosphere: Right


We’re hacking away at all the last details 🙂



3 responses to “Biosphere: Right”

  1. gannonned says :

    Patches of brown look good, but need more blades of grass. The girl’s shadow is too distinct and too solid. Can you break it up and show how her legs would cast a shadow? Wolf still nedds to touch down, and snowman and snowballs still need shadow. Nice work, this one is looking good.

  2. JK says :

    Looking really good! The badger’s body underground is so close in value and color that it’s hard to see him/her…he/she needs a slight bit of light to fall on one side of the uppoer part of the body underground to give it more dimension.

  3. Sooyun Im says :

    The patches of grass showing through the snow on the right side are nice but the one patch front is a bit awkward. The nearly geometric shape does not feel as irregular as clearing snow over rough ground would be

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