It’s happening!



We got our proof for the first bus in the mail today! They plan to wrap it on Tuesday!

Also watch for us on Channel 13 News tonight at 5pm & 7pm!

It’s all coming together 🙂


6 responses to “It’s happening!”

  1. gannonned says :

    Aly and Jenny smile for the camera while Luke looks like he’s dreaming of a hot fudge sundae.

  2. JK says :

    You all look fabulous with the first proof! Can’t wait to see that first bus.
    I think those of us who can make it should consider visiting the location where they are applying the designs. Anyone interested?

  3. gannonned says :

    If I can shake this cold, I’ll be up for that. I watched the news and you guys were great! Way to represent!

  4. JK says :

    I just watched the news clip on WEAU. You all did a super job!

  5. Sooyun Im says :

    I just watched the video clip too. You guys are awesome !!!!! ^^

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