Biosphere: Left


I changed the sky to a new photo and added more shadows and highlights.  I also put in little critters and added more grasses.  It’s getting there! We’re waiting on one more character, and then we need to add things to the soil/change up the roots.



One response to “Biosphere: Left”

  1. gannonned says :

    Some good improvements. On both sides, I don’t think the colors and values of the characters fit the colors and values of the environment enough. The girl throwing the snowball’s coat doesn’t seem affected by the light and the flannel guy is the same, as is the cyclist. I think you might deepen the color/value of the flesh and then paint a highlight on it and the same with the coats/shirts. If this doesn’t make sense, let me know and I can explain further, but they seem too separate and the textures are good so I think it is a color/value thing.

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