I worked on depth, lighting, and adding characters in.



4 responses to “”

  1. gannonned says :

    I think the way the light is affecting the landscape is good. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the character or, say, the color of his shirt. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the baby/toddler character isn’t working for me right now. It doesn’t feel like something that I would actually see in Wisconsin, and though the wolf is stylized, the boy reminds me a bit too much of cartoon personalities.

  2. JK says :

    I think the varied colors of light should effect the grasses on the left more as well as the woodsman. ….blues and pinks on one side and golden colors on the other.
    The changes to the soil (especially bottom right) add a great deal of dimension to that cavity of earth. This is a huge improvement and I would like to see more of that ‘dimension’ applied to the rest of the earth underground. The blurriness at the bottom edges is distracting.
    The worm tunnel looks flat compared to the attention you’ve paid to the soil to the right of it. Perhaps instead of a “James and the giant peach” type boy character the gopher popping out of the hole would work better there? JK

  3. JK says :

    Sorry….I meant badger.

  4. JK says :

    Looking forward to seeing the front and back of this bus!!

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