I worked mostly on the background today.  The patchwork landscape is starting to come together, but there is quite a disconnect between our hand drawn grasses in the foreground, and the fields in the background.  We’re trying to figure out how we’re going to convey the foreshortening that you would see going on as the grasses fade off into the distance.



2 responses to “”

  1. gannonned says :

    Wow. This has come a long way. The distant hills look a lot better. I still think the underground portion comes a bit high on the right compared to how low on the left and it kind of slides from right to left. I think if it came up a bit on the left end it would work better. I know it has to meet with the designs for the front and back. I like the idea of night. Are we going to get the northern lights? These seem to be developing quicker, no?

  2. Sooyun Im says :

    Nice development..nice soil texture and landscape..but the texture seems a little bit overwhelming here. the bottom part of the soil texture is too blurry and the light colored texture in the middle of the farmland (between the figure and the fall grasses which also appears to be the same as the farmland texture applied to the field in the right back )…that texture is a little rough? maybe?..

    Have you considered atmospheric perspective?

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