2 responses to “Biosphere-Right”

  1. gannonned says :

    Seeing these makes more sense of the light direction, but I still think the sky should be lighter to keep it from being brown and gloomy. Try having the darkest part the color of the orange brown in the center and then gradually fade to a much lighter yellow. You might be able to cool the color too, without losing the gradation. The sky is where the light comes from, so it shouldn’t be darker than anything, except the snow in areas. I know this is all technical, painting stuff, but it goes to the illusion you’re creating. The shadows would reflect the sky colors. Cover up the right side and the left makes sense, but cover up the left and the right looks too brown.

    I like the composition overall. I don’t like how the snow edge cuts the roots of the biggest tree off. Great progress in a short time, which is what we need to complete them on schedule. Did the dvd get sent off?

  2. JK says :

    Try adding a pink color to the sky to either replace the brown…or adding a pink in between the yellow and brown will make it less gloomy looking. I do like this composition overall but would like to see one or more larger humps of dirt to add more ‘weight’ to the earth in this composition and to make the line of dirt less predictable…..perhaps the dirt could house a hybernating critter in a larger hump that would also bring more attention to the underground too. JK

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