2 responses to “Biosphere-Left”

  1. gannonned says :

    Look at my comments for the other side. The sky particularly is off here, but it feels really flat too. The guy doesn’t seem effected by the colors in the sky so his palette really clashes. The textures are great, but the upper landscape doesn’t have the depth it needs. I think solving the sky problem will go a long way. Remember the saturation plays a big role in how we perceive the depth.

  2. JK says :

    Yes agreed, we need to be more aware of the light source on ALL of the above ground subjects…..grasses, insects, human,hills in background….etc. I believe it will add a great deal of needed dimension. Also, when you make these changes I think we will see that the underground areas look very flat.
    I would like to see more attention paid to the line of earth that defines above and below ground(and other layers too). In this image it is as if you sliced cleanly through the earth…..the lines are all too uniform and flat. I would like to see you reveal more 3D texture. ie..instead of having the roots look so perfect as they grow downward you could show some of them disturbed by the slicing of the earth and popping out….same with the blades of grass that could curl and bend down over some of the soil below. JK

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