Texture adds life



Just by adding a few textures, the back of the biosphere bus begins to take shape



2 responses to “Texture adds life”

  1. gannonned says :

    These textures are working well. The sky color and the environment are not cohesive enough to be believable yet. Decide on the direction of light and color of light and find some reference, paintings or photos. Right now, it looks as if the sun, the source of light, is behind the hills, which would place everything in shadow which is not probably the best option for making a volumetric image. But if that is what you want then some reference might go a long way. Good to see these developing.

  2. JK says :

    Huge improvement with the textures! I understand why the direction of light needs to be coming from behind – as that is where the sun is positioned in this 3D design. I think it can be spectacular if you actually show the sun, brighten the sky and illuminate with backlight that sparkles through the leaves of the sumac and grasses with a kind of halo effect. The light has to effect everything above the ground in the same way to feel the effect of this light. JK

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