Digital Sketch…


We planned out the Biosphere bus and how the seasons are going to go, so I started sketching out this side.  It’s VERY rough, but we’re trying to get an idea of how things are going to fit together.  I’m struggling with color relationships, too…a lot 😛  This side is mostly summer, but will transition into fall at the end.



4 responses to “Digital Sketch…”

  1. gannonned says :

    A lot of that beautiful grass on the left will be cut out for the window. Right now the cross section doesn’t seem to jibe with the hills which makes it look like just a wave of dirt. I also don’t necessarily think it should go from low on the left to high on the right with little fluxuation. The hills look too generic, but I like how you’re building depth from the start here. It might be better to have the brown hill with the farm rolls of hay in the middle so the green is then repeated instead of slowly dissipated. I don’t think the colors are bad, but I’m interested to see the sky since that technically would affect everything else. Obviously, textures will be huge. You might have to bring the horizon down a bit to fit the characters, though I know some will go in the dirt. This is a good first stab at the biosphere.

  2. gannonned says :

    This will be difficult to describe without a visual reference, but I think if we actually see the part of the top of part of the foreground hill so that we see the grass enter the soil and then reappear below it would help it not to look so 2-dimensional.

  3. JK says :

    Good beginning! I agree…the layered hills are too flat looking. Definitely needs ‘atmosphere’ and a light source for the above the ground objects. There is a ‘heavy’ look to the dark soil on the bottom of the bus that gives it a unique ‘earth” look that I like very much. It’s really interesting to see the many different layers of soil….. I think adding more detail to the edges of the layers of soil will add more needed dimension. it is now, seperated by a simple black line looks very flat. perhaps show the grass curling over the edge of the dirt that is sliced away ….

  4. JK says :

    I meant to say too, that the difference in the photographic vs drawn earth textures is curious and brings attention to the differences in the layers of soil in an interesting way. Finding ways to merge these could be very dynamic.

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