atmosphere left side with shaded bird watcher



3 responses to “atmosphere left side with shaded bird watcher”

  1. gannonned says :

    Luke may want to kill me, but overall I like this way better. However…
    I feel like the wings could be directed backwards a bit so that they direct the eye back to the other characters. Right now, they kind of push my eye up to the right corner too much. I know it would take a redraw, but I’m just being honest with how I see the composition operating right now. The face. body and feet look much more convincing.

  2. gannonned says :

    Maybe without re-drawing, first try to flip the bird the other way. I feel most elements are going to the right so what if the bird wasn’t? I don’t know but it might be worth a try.

  3. JK says :

    The Cardinal is MUCH improved…..I like it appears as though the bird is looking at the bird watcher. Remember if you flip it, the tail might sit over the bus vent and it might break up the design. I would position the bird in such a way so that doesn’t happen. JK

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