Left side of the bus becoming populated



5 responses to “Left side of the bus becoming populated”

  1. JK says :

    Glad to see more characters appearing. The ‘seed parachute” girl is fun….is it possible to show more of the seed and tufted part of the seed that carries her through the air? Also, I think the cardinal could be made smaller as it seems too dominant in the overall design. Some of the characters could be made very small in the distance as well as bigger ….coming at you off the surface to show depth.
    If possible, please do remove the areas over the vents where your images will not be printed on the bus.

  2. gannonned says :

    I agree with Jyl. I also feel the bird is not convincing in its posture. Is that the same one as the original sketch? I think it needs to have better motion/gesture and it needs some texture. It ends up being too flat in comparison to the wonderfully textured trees. You’re making good progress now, though. Keep going!

  3. gannonned says :

    I almost wonder if the girl can be smaller than the bird-watcher. She’s fun, but I’d almost like to see her floating by in the distance, not so in your face. What do others think?

  4. gannonned says :

    Oh, and the guy’s binoculars don’t seem affacted by gravity.

  5. gannonned says :

    Which maybe is okay.

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