color sketch of the snowflake kid




4 responses to “color sketch of the snowflake kid”

  1. UWEC Hybrid Bus Design Project says :

    Just in case we haven’t told you, the “snowflake kid” is going to be on the back, zooming at you as you drive behind the bus 🙂

  2. gannonned says :

    Love the idea of him on the back. Right now, it took me a second to understand he was riding on his knees. I wonder if we could see a bit more of them or if he was riding it like a hulahoop and his feet came out the bottom? Or maybe see what Sooyun and Jyl think.

  3. UWEC Hybrid Bus Design Project says :

    Very fun character! Would like to see his feet too though. Can you position his body so that it looks like the wind is blowing him with the direction of the wind that moves from one side of the bus to the other? His whole body could be effected by this motion…..arms, legs, hat, hair, scarf etc….

  4. Sooyun Im says :

    haha..very fun! i agree with Ned..hard to read his bended knees at first. does he ride on the METAL (ornament) snowflake? because of the loops look like a metal…

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