Updates on the Hydrosphere


We made the water and plant life look more native to Eau Claire, and added a fun guy snorkeling.



2 responses to “Updates on the Hydrosphere”

  1. gannonned says :

    Great improvements all around. I just want to see a lot more stuff in there. Luke, more characters/river life please!

  2. Sooyun Im says :

    it’s REally fun. i appreciate the way the water line splashes across the top profile of the bus. it decides the space in the attractive way. How ever i am not sure about the right bottom corner image part. You probably need to to do more research about the water plans. it looks kind of just scribbles. it needs to define shape more clearly and be consistent with native water plants. there may be opportunities to incorporate more native species along the sand on the bottom or on the front of the bus. be careful though not to clutter the piece, the space is currently a strong point.

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